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Fractions, Ratios and Percent Practice


Assessment coming up! Here’s some practice: Unit 5 Fractions, Ratio & Percent Extra Practice 0 Publish at Calameo

Unit 6 Numeracy – Geometry and Measurement


We will be having our Unit test on Tuesday, March 14. Here are some practice pages for you to work through to help study! Unit 6 Extra Practice Read more publications on Calaméo



We are lucky to be able to have some curling lessons at the Tartan this year. The kids did GREAT today!

Patterns and Equations Unit Test


We will be having our test on Patterns and Equations (Unit 1, textbook) on February 2 2017.   Here are some practice questions: Unit 1 Extra Practice 0 Publish at Calameo   Remember to try Kahn Academy, if you want extra help!

W.S. Hawrylak Devices Policy


Please note that a policy regarding the use of devices at Hawrylak School has been created and posted.  It can be found HERE or on our school website.  Students have been informed of the policy and it has been discussed and explained.   If you have any questions regarding the policy, please contact the school.

Multiplication and Division of Decimals Review and Practice


Parents will be thrilled to know that I will be encouraging kids to use traditional multiplication and division for this unit!  🙂 We will have review/assessment questions this week and after the break, so here are some practice questions for the students:   Unit 3 Extra Practice If your child is still requiring more practice […]

Snow Activities


Looking for some snow fun?   Thanks to the fantastic Shannon McClintock Miller for sharing this amazing Symbaloo of Winter Activities.   Check it out by clicking HERE!  

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Adopt a School


At this time of year, we are often reminded how fortunate we are and in how many ways we are able to help those who may be less fortunate. We have supported both the “I Read that Already” book drive and the “Stuff the Pup” clothing drive, but we are now moving onto the Third […]

Angles Review and Practice


We have been learning about Angles in math.  The Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes that we have been working with are as follows: Shape and Space: SS6.1— Demonstrate understanding of angles including identifying examples classifying angles; estimating the measure; determining angle measures in degrees; drawing angles; applying angle relationships in triangles and quadrilaterals.   The Learning Goals […]

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A Photo Catch-Up


I have been very delinquent in keeping up our blog, so I thought I would post some pictures of some of our recent activities in class! We’ve done a number of art activities, but one has been working on contour drawing. The students used a stool as a first subject: Our Book Tasting Event with […]

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