Mrs. C.'s Grade Six Class

Room 117 Hawrylak School

Multiplication and Division of Decimals Review and Practice


Parents will be thrilled to know that I will be encouraging kids to use traditional multiplication and division for this unit! ¬†ūüôā

We will have review/assessment questions this week and after the break, so here are some practice questions for the students:


If your child is still requiring more practice on the process of multiplication and division, I would highly recommend for additional instruction.  Specific instruction with multiplication and subtraction of decimals can be found HERE.

Adopt a School


At this time of year, we are often reminded how fortunate we are and in how many ways we are able to help those who may be less fortunate.

We have supported both the “I Read that Already” book drive and the “Stuff the Pup” clothing drive, but we are now moving onto the Third Phase, which is the “Adopt A School” campaign.

Here is some information from our Coordinator:

We started this project 9 years ago and we are excited to continue it this year. Last year we collected gifts for students from Pre-K to Grade 8 and created essential toiletry bags for students in Grade 7 and 8. We also collected mini mitts, toothbrushes and toothpaste and holiday treats for every student in the school. The students at our partner school are very grateful for our generosity. We are told that for some of the students, our gift might be their only holiday gift. This year our goal is to collect enough gifts for every student at our partner school as well as a goodie bag with some toiletries and a few holiday treats. Each class of Hawrylak students will be responsible for making the holidays special for a group of children in their age range. Starting on Wednesday December 7th, and running until Wednesday December 14th , bring an unwrapped gift (or gift in an open gift bag) to school. As a guideline, think of a gift or gift card that you would give your child or one of their friends in the $15-$20 range. Each gift we send is accompanied with a goodie bag consisting of mini mitts, toothbrush, toothpaste and holiday treats which means we need 250 of each of these items. The items we are collecting this year for the senior student’s toiletry bags are: soap or body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, hats, mitts or gloves and holiday treats. We can appreciate that this is a busy time of year. If you want to participate but do not have the time to purchase a gift, we accept cash donations because we would be happy to do the shopping for you. We will also be accepting cash donations to purchase items like gift bags and items for the essential toiletries bags. If everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot. All leftover gifts will be donated to the Christmas stores that a number of the community schools operate. This program allows children to bring whatever they can afford (whether it is a dollar or a dime) and shop for gifts for their families. The gifts are wrapped at the Christmas stores for the students to take home to their loved ones.

Our class is asked to provide gifts and toiletries for girls in Grades 5/6.

Our WE Act group, of which many of the girls in our class are a part, will be assisting with putting together the gifts and gift bags and possibly delivering them to the school that we are supporting.  We had a special presentation by Mr. Friesen today to learn about poverty and what it looks like in our own local community. At this time of year, especially, our generosity can make such a difference to students who do not have the same opportunities as the students at Hawrylak School.


Thank you for you support!

Literacy Time in 117


Here’s a short video of our kiddos working during Literacy Time. ¬†During this time we have students working on Read to Self, Read to Someone and Work on Writing. ¬†We will be introducing Listen to Reading and Word Work in the near future. ¬†During this time I will be working with small groups of students and individual students.

Some other photos:

IMG_7949 IMG_7950 IMG_7952 IMG_7954


What’s Up in Our Class


Welcome back!

I’ve only worked with the students for two days and I already feel like I know them very well! ¬†We’re going to be a great team this year!

Just a short post to let you know what we’re working on in our subjects right now:


Literacy:  We are working on establishing our Literacy Structure which is based on the About The Daily 5 in 117.  We are also re-building stamina and independence for reading and writing. I will begin conferring with students this week and the students will complete their first School Division Writing Assessment (RAD) in the coming weeks.

Numeracy:  We are working on our Working with Large Numbers unit.  This week we will focus on place value to the trillions!  I have also introduced the students to Prodigy Math online.  This is a program that will allow me to assign individual practice to students as needed as well as to use it for assessment and identify areas that need extra assistance.

Science:  Diversity of Living things will be our focus for the first unit.

Social Studies:  We will focus on Interdependence, examining the local, indigenous, and global interactions and interdependence of individuals, societies, cultures and nations. We will specifically work with countries which border the Atlantic Ocean and our Indigenous Peoples.

Health:  As a precursor to everything in our year, we are working on a mini-unit around Mindset and changing our thinking to be more flexible and resilient with our learning and decisions.

Ms Bechard will be the students’ Phys Ed teacher and Mr Kardynal will be their French teacher. ¬†Ms Machnaik will continue to teach them music.

We will utilize Pearson e-Texts this year but there appears to be some password/access issues that we are currently trying to resolve.

Please keep an eye on the Google Calendar on this blog.  I will put all important information on that site.

I am looking forward to an amazing year!

Mrs. C.


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